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The Old Man In Flight – The Rage Training

Speeding It Up – Old Man In Flight

Got some good pictures of some speed vaults during training for The Rage.
Still need to do a lot, lot more, but four years of injuries limits the time I’ve got before the shoot.
I’ll get as far as I can and make the best with what skills I have.

Got to work on pulling less of a face when vaulting, or come up with a cool “movie” face when moving.
To be fair, I have a picture of David Belle vaulting on my desktop, and yes he looks much cooler and smoother than me.
However, he’s definitely pulling a gurn.

I do keep forgetting, that I am pretty much fifty, and most people are falling to pieces at my age.
But that’s never been good enough for me, I’m fitter now than I’ve been for years.
Haven’t even really got started yet, so that’s a good sign.

The Ghost Walks with you …

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The Chokehold on Dark Freedom Continues

So the links to the outside world are yet again choked to breaking point.
The minions of Hades circle around, trying to drag me into the depths of false ecstasy…
But reserves of Electro energy and the volcanic will of The Ghost, put up a wall of steel against the sirens screams.

Another message of hope slips out undetected, just not much getting back in, but my voice won’t be quietened.
The electro sounds continue, the search for the new rather than nostalgia continues, and slowly but surely it’s working.

The flight of the Englishman also continues apace, watch this space for continued developments.

From the depths of hell, you can smell this letter as it’s edges are burning through the flames….

No retreat , no surrender

Feelings of Dark Flight

Once again, that strong feeling of wanting to leave town, rears it’s head.
Maybe it’s the approach of Christmas that’s making me feel that way.
But the feeling is getting stronger and stronger, I don’t think it’s going to subside.
I think for the good of the music, the electro the film, to able to feed it properly again, it has to be done.

I don’t care what everyone else here thinks, I have really learnt about human nature here, and what happens to people
when they’re given an opportunity to sh*t on others.
In this place when given that choice, it’s just too tempting, so people take it, because they can get away with it.
In their own country, it just wouldn’t happen as much , and I’ve watched over the last 2 years how people change, and their attitude changes.
They’re here so it’s easy, “well I’m in China, so I can do what I like, what are you going to do?”.

Despite what has happened, my attitude to music has changed and grown very strong again, like the bad old days in the beginning, which is a big blessing, and will propel me forward elsewhere.
Perhaps that’s why I had to come here, so that could happen, so I could educate myself again, and realise that I can and always, will be able to compete.
The only big positive of being here was meeting Yheng, the odds of meeting someone like her in my country were slim, and I’d given up on that anyway.
Music is my main thing in the Uk, and despite searching around for a soul mate, it all just came back to I’m not happy if I’m not achieving my goals in electronic music and now film.

It’s been a tiring day, but again I’m still here on the schedule, writing this even when no fu*ker is reading it.
Because the Ghost is alive, awake, aware and ready to battle anyone who wants to try to interfere with my path again.
If it wasn’t for him, I would have quit or joined the b*llsh*t party a long time ago.

Don’t ever give up what you want to do…
Then The Ghost will walk with you….
Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks