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Dark Power Plant Back On Line

It feels like I’ve been away for years, like a dream within a dream 5 levels down. Yet it’s only been 2 months, and the power plant is beginning to shake the earth as it rumbles to life.

I really hate taking breaks from writing music, I just don’t know what to do with myself, and nothing can fill the gaping hole that it leaves behind. But I had to take care of something, and now everything is back exactly where it should be.

I walked into the park at the back of The Crypt and it was as if the universe spoke to me.
I looked up at a huge tree and felt it say, “everything is exactly where it should be, we have work for you to do”.

So as the supernatural one does his warm up exercise of laying a few demonic cities to waste in some alternate reality, I’m rolling up my sleeves and preparing to grab the volcanic fuel rods that give me the power of The Ghost.

I’ve revamped the website, it looks probably the best of any versions, and gets it ready for some label action with Last Known Trajectory.
I will keep on looking for more outlets as there are still some great tracks ready, with more to come from the evil one’s production line.

It doesn’t look like he is thinking of retiring anytime soon, so I am screwed.
I’m just the latest vessel in a long line over thousands of years and many worlds.

So you’ll have to pull my keyboard from my cold dead hand, and after that The Ghost will tap some unsuspecting artist on the shoulder one day and offer him a deal…..

Dark Electro – “Fuel To The Fire”,1 a week 47 tracks to go

Dark Electro -Fuel To the Fire, number 3 of 50.
This could be another theme for the Ghost, but we’ll see what happens
in the coming months before I give it that honour. I’ll post each track
here and on last fm, myspace (facebook can forget it).


I do what I say I’m going to do, always.
Once again I let actions do the talking and the music speak for itself.
Sure lots of people thought 1 a week wouldn’t happen,
well here it is, and they’re not crap either are they?

We’ll let things happen on the field of play,
and yet again I challenge in a few years where I’ll be and where
the doubters will be, I’ll gladly throw down that gauntlet.

Film Makers and Music people talk a lot,
as I’ve discovered, they don’t do what they say most of the time.
I’m saying nothing more than you judge for yourself by listening to the
recent Orchestral film demos of mine, and decide why they’re not
going to feature in any films. Again, we’ll let results do the talking.

I did discover in interviews that the most successful composers,
time after time, know when to fight, flex, or walk away.
But they are NOT generic, doing music by numbers or plagiarism.
They bring something to the table unique to them, they fit the film.
The film will be badly damaged by adding something over produced.
But that’s a lesson I don’t need to learn…..

The Engine and The Fuel of Anger

Anger used to be something that destroyed me, careering of the road,
smashing into walls, taking
the focus away from what I really should be doing.
It doesn’t do that anymore, my focus doesn’t sway, it’s fixed, music is
no 1.
No “advice” from dried up delusional people will change that, it’s my
calling, my blood and the only thing in life that has ever made sense
to me.
So when criticism without grounds or vain (emphasize “vain”) attempts
to derail it all come my way, the anger is turned into the most
powerful fuel in the known universe.
Perpetual motion, driving me forward for the next 20 years, go ahead ,
make my day.
I will take what you give and use it against you, you’re loading the
bullets into the gun yourself, and pointing it directly into your own
mouth. The results will embarrass those that chose to give me the
Whenever I have said I will do something, I have done it. Action,
proof, evidence, not words, promises, excuses is where I place my feet,
firmly grounded and balanced.

So when those results are displayed while the “advisors” are still
making the same empty excuses, promises that never happen. My list of
achievements will grow, choking your weak claims with overwhelming
proof of REALITY.

Till next time, stay strong, don’t give in, no matter what…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks