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Exodus of The Apparitions

You know when you have that ultimate feeling
of wanting to just walk.
It's a hard feeling to suppress if you have any creative force left in
your bones.
You just can't sit and squash who you are day after day, and listen to
more and b*llsh*t until you feel you want to explode.
Being in this country, it's embarrassing at times to say you are
western, but that magic safety valve that you would normally have at
home seems to get busted into a million pieces here. Manners are lost,
politeness is gone, rudeness and arrogance are not challenged,
disrespect for human beings is normal.
Forgetting about your wife/girlfriend/family/beer gut and your ugly
face as if it was all just a dream. WAKE UP, if the girls like you here
it's not coz you're anything great, you're a novelty, rich to them or
the guys here don't treat them so well.
You do business here? Earn a lot? Because mainly you couldn't do it
back home.
WAKE UP. You are not a Prince, a Politician, a Tycoon, a Rock Star or a
You are just a westerner in China, you are nothing special, so REMEMBER
This is not paradise, heaven a place to retire or a place to bring up
Same for Hong Kong. It's a hole, and Hong Kong is a hole dressed up
like a cheap London tart.
I'm not fooled by any of it, I see right through it all.
But to those that escape from their own countries, it's refuge, so they
turn a blind eye to REALITY. Me I see it for what it really is, empty,
soulless and not worth bothering with except for a visit.

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks

Trapped In China, Escape To Hong Kong, Escape from Yourself

I have a powerful feeling of the need to escape. Music and especially electronic composition is great for that feeling of dread.
Because it opens up doors and crosses boundaries conventional music can’t cross.
So I have a few sounds , but need to make some more to help explore and dampen that feeling of dread.
Yet another trip to Hong Kong, and heavy feelings of wanting to get on a plane and leave the wasted time behind…
Just got to bide my time and hang on in there, and not let the music suffer as it is stronger than ever right now.
Just need to come up with more of those sounds, as that’s always been the driving force, the sounds that give you that rush.
NOT the ones that just sound ok, you only ever end up with lifeless, soulless crap.

Back to the daily schedule, promote, contact, blog, listen, music, sleep

Escape to Hong Kong, another reminder of London, just what I don’t need…

No retreat , no surrender…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks

Nightflight over The Island..

As I looked across the water to Hong Kong, when the darkness had rolled over the water and the lights were painting gently across the surface, I really felt like I wanted to fly home.
To be back en route across Europe, looking down at the tiny Island that I used to inhabit.
It’s not that England did me big favours, or that I wouldn’t live in another country, but I just can’t keep staying here without progress.
You have to pray nothing goes wrong, or you don’t get sick. Then you have to know someone who speaks English so you can get by.
I never thought things like that would make such a big difference, but we all take them for granted.
Doing business here is fraught with problems even for Chinese people, let alone a foreigner.

If you are a foreigner here you have to watch yourself, as the majority of people don’t help each other here.
That definitely reminds me of the Uk and the attitude they had towards the Electro side of the dark music visions I have.
You only realise this when you get a different perspective, i.e. Detroit on things.

At least now I feel ready to go through that again, just much better equipped, armed and ready for battle.
But this time it’ll be covert ops all the way, only letting people see what they want to see…

Till next time…
Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks