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Virtual Sonic Weaponry for ALL

Have you opened your eyes and ears lately to
what can be done to build a sonic arsenal for you to infiltrate the
hearts and minds of the people? It used to take years to build up
weaponry, training, BORING jobs. Then came the first virtual plug ins,
slow heavy and sounded like sh*t. Not anymore. Then came Reason still a
force to be reckoned with.
Now the virtual fighting machines are everywhere and as good as the
real thing.
But what has opened my eyes, and should open yours is one word:
“Torrent”.Do you need to earn thousands of pounds to acquire these weapons. No.
the playing field is now LEVEL.
All you need now is a powerful computer, you don’t even need to buy a
Mac anymore: “Jas”.
If you burn with rage and passion to make music, build the flesh and
bones of an athletic PC. But before you do search the virus storm on
the Internet for the two quoted words. That’s all you need and the rest
will unfold for you before your eyes.
Now you can compete with the rich and famous without the riches. Let
the games begin…

The Mac OSX PC Freak is comin’

Since my CD’s of Reason and Pro Tools arrived, it won’t be long before I try to get the PC working with Mac Os X.
Yep, an Intel Core Duo PC, with a ahem “hacked” version of OSX. Which if it works I will gladly buy a license for.
How they do it god knows, but being able to put it onto cheaper hardware (but still good quality) is a godsend.

It’s going to help the recharge of my Electro stuff, as I hope Reason will plug into Live, and if I’m lucky Pro Tools will work as well.
Being able to open up as much as I like without killing the machine will help start the creative side racing again.

The I Book I have just can’t handle it anymore, so coming soon to a custom PC in China,
and then the Electro madness will follow not long after, keep watching….
I may even be forced, which is a good thing, to make completely new sounds, makes me less lazy….

Lucky I have my 606 ( which got me through Chinese customs because of the “notes” on it, to create some warped beats with.
Watch out ….

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks