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The Manipulators : Uncovered

You know I got very tired of the Manipulators a long time ago, and I
just don’t play those games anymore.
So when someone who likes to manipulate to get their own way looks me
in the eye like they are triumphant, it’s a pretty sad, immature,
pathetic thing to do.
Then again if thats how you get your kicks, it will bite you back later
on, especially with me, because I don’t compete, I let people have what
they want, so they choke on it.
I’m prepared to walk away from anyone and anything that tries to
manipulate me or people around me.
Because life is too short and I don’t have time for people like that ,
I have sh*t to do, so I tend to ignore it now.
But pointing it out serves as a valuable lesson to others, manipulation
only works if you fall for it and don’t spot it . I spot it every time,
and it’s pretty low for it to happen in my last few days here. Only
unaware people fall for it, so please move on to your next victim….
Not Interested…

The Gauntlet is Thrown: Tournament Begins

So I’m wasting my time right? I should step
Well then lets see, I’ll throw the Gauntlet down, let’s see who wins.My opponent will use money,arrogance, experience and manipulation to
try to beat me into submission.

The Ghost will use the ancient underworld techniques as the unshakable
foundation, those that cannot be taught.
Soul, passion, willpower, fused with the future world techniques of
x-comms and the Internet.
No matter how complex the technique my opponent uses, the Ghost fights
in a way not from this world.
He fights for what is real, and is of real, true value….Once built it
will stand the test of all time…

The tournament has begun, bring it on, we’ll come back “next year” and
see who wins.

The Games That People Play

making music is a pleasure, even when it can be tough and frustrating.
Electro is always toughest to find sounds that inspire without repeating yourself or getting predictable.
Orchestral and film is all about trying to be original but with the same instruments, something which I’m doing well with.
Mainly because I’m learning to just let what I feel through, and not worry about if it’s musically difficult, just do you “feel” it.
Usually the simpler stuff wins out.
Having this skill, applies to life, if you’re not feeling that something is “real” then it isn’t.
Every day I’m feeling things are not real, and that is incredibly frustrating that people think you are so stupid you aren’t going to notice.
Well play your game, you will wake up tomorrow and discover I’m no longer on the board for you to use.
Which means check mate as the player is played off the board by a bigger, wider game.
It’s a measure of how often people underestimate me, but I’m used to it by now.
But that doesn’t mean it isn’t an insult, it is the lowest insult you can give, it says “you are dirt” I can use you.
It’s pretty unforgivable in my book. Once someone does that 1 time, there is no going back.

So stay covert, keep your eyes, ears and your third eye on red alert…

Till next time…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks