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How To Master The Creative Mind – Expand Your Mind

Talked about how to get to this point in parts 1-5, and now back with the results of the experiment of removing borders and boundaries, to just let the creative mind do what it wants or feels.

The results are ok, you can hear them in the background, Nitrous Engine Upgrades ,but I think I can do better, it’s a good start, I’ll continue on with it and see where it goes.

I get the feeling it will take a little while for the creative spirit to get used to having a freer role after being more disciplined for a year and a half.

I’ll get back to you soon with what comes next!

How To Master The Creative Mind Part 5

After doing a couple of interviews, one with Guy Tavares from Bunker Records, and with Renaat from R&S. A key thing began to appear.

The artists with the real passion for what they do are the ones that survive and succeed.
Not the ones engineering something for a market.

So I thought I would experiment and try to go back to when I first started, and see if I could reproduce that no chains, no borders, just make whatever you feel, let the creative mind loose.

No set bpm, or style, no mix points for the DJ, just let it rip.
I will let you know how that works out next time.

How To Master The Creative Mind Part 4

You should now know how to find out what holds you back, how to split a daunting task into smaller pieces, and how to reward your creative mind.

It should be on your side and ready to go, and happy to stick to the schedule you want to give it.

When you’re actually making a track, use your creative instinct to tell you what works and what doesn’t. It always knows best, but it speaks in a feeling and very few words.
If it’s too detailed and too quickfire, that’s your conscious mind and you need to ignore it.

Your creative mind is a problem solving powerhouse with pre-cognitive powers, given time it can usually answer just about any problem.

If it feels wrong, then it probably is, so start again or scrap what you’re doing.