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The Crow Walks With You

Something about 4 crows fighting as I walked past, me and the presence of crows is a very common thing, inspired me to get the website a bit more current.

Track 19 , “I Came Back For You” will be done soon, still can’t believe the total and the quality. It proves re-engineering your mind IS possible, and I never thought engineering creativity would work out this well.

I will never look back, never stop except for a week or two break, and be the prolific artist I always wanted to be.
Time to make up for the time I lost and kick arse, take on the competition, and even if I don’t win, give them the scare of their life. I’m coming for you….

Anyone who would like some tips on altering your mind and it’s creativity, I’m happy to tell you what I did, as it wasn’t easy, but perseverance pays off.

Living for the beats, the bass and the sounds from another world, till the day I die…

The Ghost That Walks

Your Body Tells You What Your Mind Won’t Hear

I guess I’m lucky, even though right now I
don’t feel lucky.
But I know I’m back in the Uk for a reason, because my body, or my
feelings told me I MUST come back.
It’s like an overwhelming feeling that you must do something, but you
can’t quite decipher what is being said.
Like someone shouting something from far away in a storm, the words
will be washed away, but the core of the message remains.
So if you’re lucky you get these feelings, and you act upon them. If
you’re not your mind tells you to ignore them, even
though your mind is part of the key to reading the messages.
I’ve had a lot of these feelings the last few days, and some of them
aren’t good.
Music? I’m doing the right thing, making some new stuff, following my
feeling for the sounds, the mood.
Let them build the music, not me. Anytime I’ve tried to dictate to
much, you can hear the difference, so a lesson learned.
This is a difference most people can hear , some more than others sure,
but subconsciously maybe.
Many many records, the feeling is gone, just get out your average MOS
compilation and you’ll see what I mean.
Then compare it with something with real soul, the difference is stark.This is a big subject, but I have sounds to make and it’s always a long
process for me, so got to get to it…..