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The Dark One Returns – The Music is Reborn

If you make music you know what you go through.
Are you going to get anywhere, are you sh*t? Are you wasting your time?
Where can I find help or are you looking for someone to help you?
It’s tough there is no doubt, the people I expected to give me advice and wisdom gave me nothing.
The people that I expected to tell me nothing told me more in a day(Mad Mike & Floyd from Underground Resistance, Ron Murphy, NSC) than others did for 5 years (Andy Weatherall, Stefan Robbers, Random Xs, U Trax, Djax).

There is luck involved, I haven’t had much, but more than most, a few deals, a few missed opportunities.
I’ve always felt I’m watching other people succeed and I should be in their place.
Now I’ve realised that I have to focus more on my own path, and learn from others.
Thank god for the internet, where you can find out what you need, much better than in the past…
Here are some links where I’m learning and educating myself about what is happening now, arm yourself, don’t wait for other people for do things for you
These are some of the best sites I’ve found so far, this has helped me to keep going and not to give up, to stay current and up to date.

Stay strong, and use these tools to keep yourself well trained.

For Promotion


For Music & inspiration


All or Nothing…Music or Life without Meaning

There are so many times I feel like I’m working for nothing.
I am always a whisker away from leaving China behind and finding a basic job back in the U.K.
I have to look at things in a practical way. Music is my absolute top priority, if I don’t do that I’m not interested in life or anything else.
So it’s not a choice, if you’re built this way you’d better realise you can’t run away from it.

So I do what I can with the resources I have, I’m used to that.
But when you can’t even send out a CD or purchase a list of contacts, it starts to feel like what’s the point of here?
I’m absolutely ruthless like that, if things don’t move soon I must ( and will) change them.
If you’re serious about music you can never rest, get comfortable, it is this way for you till the day you DIE.

So I’m always looking for new ways to open doors, always looking at what I’m doing, if it’s working, am I making progress.
My feet are on the ground , so headway must be realistic towards a realistic goal.
I’d like to do film to start to generate a reasonable income, and help push back into releasing on record labels as well as my own label again.

I may not be geared for the dancefloor market, but the listening market could always be good for me.
Things aren’t the way they used to be, people rarely get to listen to demos anymore, and if you’re not known getting known is the kind of bulls*it attitude I have to face even in China. But funds are required to push open doors, and if things don’t change very soon, I have to look at returning home.
At least there a basic job can provide enough to help feed the music…

But here I seem to work for nothing, sending a CD out is a rare thing, pushing for anything else here is non existent.
Funds dictate, but the promise of big cash seems stale, plus I have to count time lost that could have been back in a dull job in the Uk.
But still I would have been able to push more, so I’m behind, and that’s not good since time for me is precious.

When my music is being held back then any day job is in dangerous territory, it will have to change and FAST.
I will give it a few more months, as there is potential, but the return must be great, since The Ghost has a plan and it requires feeding…

Stay strong and don’t ever give up on what you want to do, quitting is what other people do.. So screw them.
Money doesn’t buy you happiness , it’s your landmark achievements that are priceless and timeless.
What do you want as your legacy? On your gravestone? He made lots of money and was empty? Or he was an artist admired the world over…

You already know which you would choose… Maybe you have already chosen, there is no help from me for those that take the wrong path, you are on your own, just like the rest of us. I just wish people were less divided in music, just so insecure and “I don’t know you so I don’t deal with you” kind of attitude.

More next time, tired and brooding over my next change in step…

The Ghost Walks with You…

When it still gives you that rush….

There are many times I think that I’m wasting my time.
Wasting time here in China, wasting my time with this job, that job.
Why don’t I do everyone a favour and just give up?

But I don’t . Why? Because if I believed that I wouldn’t get somewhere with music, then I would hang up my boots tomorrow.
I may still be wasting my time in China, especially with peoples attitudes here, but I look beyond them as they are of no importance. But I won’t stand in fear of anyone hear, mafia or whatever, and I’ll speak my mind no matter what.
If someone wants to bring that to my face then do it.
I don’t think people know what brave is here, well you just met it.
I fight for myself, look after myself. I even stood my ground in front of a guy who was locked up for murder, in his territory, alone, and earned his respect.
Not many people know that…

I look towards the bigger picture, the light that still draws me in, the reason after 13 years I am still not burnt out, still learning, beginning to write for film in an orchestral style.
As I listen to my stuff from over 10 years ago, it still sounds fresh, gives me a rush, makes the hair on my arms stand on end.

It’s like it’s not me, I didn’t make that, yet it sounds so good, ego aside.
That’s something I can’t give up, and never will, they believed in me in Detroit at Submerge, and I don’t want to let them down.

I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey, with pain and blood along the way, but twisted and broken  I still fight on. Because it’s what I was put on this planet to do.

So hang on in there again, and I’ll bring you the fruits of my adventures here, in a world where music lacks thought, invention and passion. The blood and sweat have gone, replaced by viral marketing, demographics and target age groups.

Without art and innovation, with no RISK, there is no entertainment. People are very, VERY quick to forget that.

Till later. Stay strong

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks