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First Big Drop – Made It In One Piece

Big Drop – Well At Least For Me It Was

So I’d had a good session, legs feel good, knees feel good.
So I take a look at this drop, for young dudes it would be easy, but for old man parkour, a fresh challenge.

Since I’m going to have to take a few hits, leaps off balconies for The Rage, I gave it a shot.
Always follow my instincts, if the body says no, leave it alone.
Today it said yes , but take it seriously.

The impact was a shock, not rolling forward due to the slope, a mistake.
But I took it with no injuries at all. The roll forward is crucial, even if it’s terrible, just have to dissipate that force.
That force! The conditioning in my legs from 5k runs and 1000’s of steps on the stair machine, saved my butt.

Rest assured I won’t be doing another one unless I can roll forward.
I even went shopping afterwards, I’ve gotten more injuries rolling out of bed, amazing.


The Old Man In Flight – The Rage Training

Speeding It Up – Old Man In Flight

Got some good pictures of some speed vaults during training for The Rage.
Still need to do a lot, lot more, but four years of injuries limits the time I’ve got before the shoot.
I’ll get as far as I can and make the best with what skills I have.

Got to work on pulling less of a face when vaulting, or come up with a cool “movie” face when moving.
To be fair, I have a picture of David Belle vaulting on my desktop, and yes he looks much cooler and smoother than me.
However, he’s definitely pulling a gurn.

I do keep forgetting, that I am pretty much fifty, and most people are falling to pieces at my age.
But that’s never been good enough for me, I’m fitter now than I’ve been for years.
Haven’t even really got started yet, so that’s a good sign.

The Ghost Walks with you …

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The Impossible Bass Tone Recovery Mission

Why oh why do I throw stuff away? Take a tip
keep every old disk, tape, dat, computer, hard disk that you do music
Make backups of all the audio files, sysex dumps, sound settings, ALL
of it.
Yeah I do it now, but just my luck I have to recreate a bass tone that
vanished a long time ago.
Simply because I can’t edit an old tune for someone, I’ve got to
resurrect it.
I even remember making that sound at the time and thinking , how the
f**k did I find that?
You would also think my sound design skills have improved to the point
where I can just magic it from thin air.
Well they have got a lot better, but the whole point of new sounds are,
they AREN’T easy to make.So yeh, torture for me for chucking my disks away, now it’ll take weeks
(months) to recreate it.
So deep breath, suck it up, into the ring and take the punishment from
the blue skinned ones razor sharp uppercuts.
All the time hearing the words “I TOLD you ….NOT to …throw THOSE a