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Dark Orchestral – “Opening Up”

Opening Up – demo for the film Vomitus by Darryl Shaw
Somehow I’ll fit all this in alongside doing an Electro track a week,
God know’s how, but right now I’m feeling the heat from the
fuel of my own nuclear reactor, the ultimate Ghost resource, anger.

There is a lot to prove, so I’ll shut up
and just get on with it, too much talking anyway.
We’ll see where I am in a few years and where everyone else is.
No matter how many years I do this, there will ALWAYS be room
to learn, LISTEN to peoples’ feedback, then blow the doubters out of the water.
It’s the best weapon in existence….

Included here are 2 pieces of artwork kindly donated by Oz

You can find him here on Myspace:

Dark Electronic & Orchestral – “Vomitus Strings Demo”

Dark Electronic & Orchestral – “Vomitus Strings Demo”.

Vomitus Demo – from the short film Vomitus by Darryl Shaw.

This had strings added to increase the tension a notch or six. Still being developed but good enough for you to listen to the Dark tones at work…