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Positive Thinking – Surviving Negative Environments

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking – Surviving Negative Environments

In this video I’ll teach you how to deal with negative environments

You will find plenty of these wherever you go, simply because there are a lot of negative people around, so again a hazard you have to deal with regularly

1) Use Your Instincts
2) Keep Your Shields Up
3) Look Confident
4) Try To Change

1) Your instincts are your number one best guide, if you have a bad feeling about someone or a place, it is usually right. So if you get a feeling you shouldn’t go into that club, or bar, listen! Go somewhere else where you feel better about it.
If you feel like you need to walk or drive a different route today, do it.
Your instincts are trying to look after you, they don’t speak, they just try to tell you by feeling.

2) If you have to be in a negative place, like an office for example, many of us do, try to hang onto your energy and protect yourself as much as you can.
Very similar to dealing with negative people, be friendly, be pleasant, but don’t reveal too much, or anything personal that can be used to undermine you and gain power over you. Do what you need to do to survive, but don’t be a slave to it.

3) Look confident, don’t appear to get upset or get too emotional, it again appears as a weakness. Fine to do that when no one else is looking. Emotions are what make you more powerful than anyone else. But they’re used against you in negative situations. That’s why people who display fear are more likely to be victims, because people can instinctively read your fear, so mask it as much as you can.

4) Try to change negative places for more positive ones, you are in charge of where you go, what you do, so keep working on improving every aspect. Where you live, work, socialize. Upgrade them one by one.
Try to think of the end result of the great places you will be when you change, rather than focus on the bad situation you may be in, don’t focus on the obstacles, look ahead to the end result.

The electronic music in this video is owned, written and produced by Paul Bishop Aka The Ghost That Walks .

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The Most Dangerous Places To Play Worldwide

I woke up with an idea.
It just popped into my head and nagged at me,
just like when a voice said “last fm” in my ear.
The idea is to play the most dangerous places in the world.

Places where others fear to tread.
I mean places where they want you to play,
but not many people will because of the risk.
It feels like the perfect backdrop for dark electro.
In that kind of environment the people will feel the darkness.

Just like the inner city people everywhere,
I am convinced living with danger will
mean people will go crazy for the darkness of the underground.
So I’m looking around to see what I can find out.
I’m also looking at Kevlar and stab vests!

Please give me any suggestions or contacts you know
for these kinds of places worldwide.
I am very serious and if you read this blog, you
know I mean business and do what I say.
Feels like the right thing to do, and my feelings tend to ring true.

“The Machine” is back after a short break
featuring the bells from the town where I was born.
There is a stony silence from all the labels,
which is disappointing but not unexpected.
I learned many years ago, it’s sometimes who you know…

But I’m a fighter,and it only takes 1 to raise your profile..