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The Power Of Positive Thinking Lesson 1

Learning how to change your way of thinking from negative to positive is extremely hard.

I’ve been there and been at rock bottom in a negative state of mind for over 20 years, now everything has changed, and in this video I’ll teach you how to make a basic and small start to feeling more positive.

It’s not easy and it takes a lot of work, but if you persevere then you can do it, if I can manage it so can many other people.

Try to do something you really enjoy or something stupid like a dance in the morning, and roughly 9 hours later, you will feel a little lift. If you can keep forcing positive thought in your mind you will gradually start to feel better.

If you can do that through the day, and take a break somewhere green or with positive people if possible, that will be a big help if you’re in a negative environment, like many places are.

I’ll teach you how to deal with that in another lesson. Stay positive!

If you want to ask me anything, or need some tips about your own situation, leave or comment or go to my website to contact me there.

The music in this video is owned, written & produced by Paul Bishop aka The Ghost That Walks. Copyrighted at Future Copyright Steel & Stealth (FC-31548476), A Thousand Miles Of Night (FC-9548476). The outro is free from Splasheo with permission.

The Power of Perception & Pre-cognition

Are you perceptive? Can you see a situation coming before it happens,
do you feel it when a bad situation is about to happen to you? It's
been that way for all my life, it just took 20 years to start believing
But some people have no idea what's coming, and when it hits them , it
hits like an express train.
The shock, the heart sinking into the stomach, your breath won't move
freely through your lungs????

Well a shock is coming, the Trans Europe Ghost Express is rolling and
ready for sudden impact…

T Minus, like I would tell you? Red Alert, shoot to kill, wait till you
see the whites of their eyes…..

Paul Bishop

The Ghost
That Walks