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Dark Electro Live at Inbox, Guangzhou, China

Live Electro performance at the Rhythm Uk anniversary party 2005, headline guests were A Man Called Adam.

This was unrehearsed, improvised, did not know what I was going to play and made it up on the spot, so you won’t hear this twice anywhere. Music For Dark, Horror or Sci Fi Film, Live & Studio recordings.

INBOX, Guangzhou, China, British Council , Rhythm UK Anniversary

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31st July 2005 INBOX, Guangzhou, China, British Council , Rhythm UK Anniversary with A Man Called Adam
This was a packed out place, and despite only playing for half an hour my best performance yet , by far.

They didn't want me to stop and had a really good reaction from the crowd. But A Man Called Adam were due to play, and they played quality tracks, and went down a storm.
It would be hard to find that kind of varied selection ( no cheese or bullshit) even in England.
Lots of people saying they really liked it & many took photos with me!
I tried to wave as much as possible in the middle of my set as their were so many phones & cameras pointed my way!
There may be better quality pics & video, if I can get them I will post them here.
This showed me there is a hunger for something different here, it's not all staple diet of big name western Dj's.
It will take a bit of time but I think I can build an audience here.
I hope to be back in Guangzhou (near Shenzhen) to play again, and maybe even playing my sideline of Soul/Motown. I've already had interest in hiring me for that.
I also had my first recorded interview for Chit Chat Trio (Steven Yang) for a Guangzhou radio station.
When I get a recording of the broadcast I will post it here for you.