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The End of Snake Pit Days

This is the last day I will be in the Snake
Pit, I’ve survived the poison the bullsh*t, to return to my own shores
to fight on and to prove this is not the paradise the deluded addicts
of the venom believe.
I won’t return, maybe to another part undercover of the cloak of the
underworld, but to Shekou,never.
I will miss only a select few, I’ve found out who my real friends are,
and have been sickened by the change in human nature here, just because
they’re in China..
The Ghost is off to outweigh achievements here by others, the focus of
this is as sharp as it has ever been.
Watch here as the plan develops and unfolds, it will require every
supernatural power that the Ghost has left in his blue blood… but it
will be done….Mission Aborted: Extraction Imminent

The Sonic Arsenal Escapes Enemy Radar

The Sonic Arsenal has escaped the Fires of Hell and the Snakes of
Already flown fully cloaked across the ocean, somersaulted into what
used to be occupied territory.
All that’s left is the sprint for the border, where the work this
robotic soldier will do will change the
course of life, and the history of The Ghost That Walks permanently,
Let’s hope that no injuries occurred during evacuation, and when The
Ghost hits the extraction point at xxxx hours on xxxxx day, the one man
army will be waiting to take no prisoners.

Not dead, long forgotten, some say buried and finished, but far from
over and out…

The Ghost Walks with You….

Alone In The Dark

On goes the much loved and much played copy of Blade.
The ONLY film that took my breath away at the beginning in the cinema…

How I miss that and the chance to feel that again. I miss London, Forbidden Planet and my friend John,
who I still haven’t called because of the tremor affecting the internet here.
Just for all the Damned in the Snake pit of Shekou, not that a single one of them even noticed…

Off for a run..for a few thousand miles until my feet turn into bloody stumps, but at least, crippled, I’d be BACK…