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The End of Snake Pit Days

This is the last day I will be in the Snake
Pit, I’ve survived the poison the bullsh*t, to return to my own shores
to fight on and to prove this is not the paradise the deluded addicts
of the venom believe.
I won’t return, maybe to another part undercover of the cloak of the
underworld, but to Shekou,never.
I will miss only a select few, I’ve found out who my real friends are,
and have been sickened by the change in human nature here, just because
they’re in China..
The Ghost is off to outweigh achievements here by others, the focus of
this is as sharp as it has ever been.
Watch here as the plan develops and unfolds, it will require every
supernatural power that the Ghost has left in his blue blood… but it
will be done….Mission Aborted: Extraction Imminent

Red Alert: Dust Off to Escape Mission

Extraction will be due any day now, the transport has my co-ordinates,
and the sonic troops wait for my arrival.
I’ll emerge from the Bunker any day now, ready to smuggle the remaining
soldiers and weapons out of Snake Pit City. The Ghost will emerge when
the sun sets, and slip through the shadows to the extraction point.
No one will notice, who will care? This sick city will go on poisoning
itself and all within it, until they lay bleeding in the gutter,
pleading for help. But by then , no one will hear your cries, as the
poison dulls your senses and your mind sees only the mirage of paradise
instead of the reality of Hell.

So if you know what’s good for you in Shenzhen, take an antidote fast,
and get the f*ck out of dodge….

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks

The Ghost with Real Soul

I don't know what it is about some old soul, motown and northern soul
I'm the darkest guy around, my music is dark, dangerous, my mind is a
whirlwind of the macabre, violence and horror. Yet this music reaches
me more than most and as much as some of the best electronic music I've
Maybe it's because even though they did business, they realized the
importance of real love, emotion and soul in music.
Back then if it didn't have “it” then people wouldn't buy it.
But still I don't get it, it's the opposite of dark, yet I would never
play “happy” electronic bullsh*t, house or whatever.
This is different, and as I listen to the recording of the ONLY soul
night to EVER happen in Shenzhen at Soho, even in China it went down
well. Why? Because you can't beat real soul, love and emotion in music.

A lesson for everyone who makes music everywhere….

Red Alert T Minus countdown to Apocalypse NOW….

Paul Bishop

The Ghost
That Walks