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The Impossible Bass Tone Recovery Mission

Why oh why do I throw stuff away? Take a tip
keep every old disk, tape, dat, computer, hard disk that you do music
Make backups of all the audio files, sysex dumps, sound settings, ALL
of it.
Yeah I do it now, but just my luck I have to recreate a bass tone that
vanished a long time ago.
Simply because I can’t edit an old tune for someone, I’ve got to
resurrect it.
I even remember making that sound at the time and thinking , how the
f**k did I find that?
You would also think my sound design skills have improved to the point
where I can just magic it from thin air.
Well they have got a lot better, but the whole point of new sounds are,
they AREN’T easy to make.So yeh, torture for me for chucking my disks away, now it’ll take weeks
(months) to recreate it.
So deep breath, suck it up, into the ring and take the punishment from
the blue skinned ones razor sharp uppercuts.
All the time hearing the words “I TOLD you ….NOT to …throw THOSE a

Virtual Studio Vivisectionist

The amazing fact is, I’ve had Reason for a few years, but never really used it much.
Maybe I couldn’t coax the Martian sound I wanted out of it before, which may explain why.
Now I’m starting to use it and “push” it. Just for drums I have a Parametric eq and scream on every sample, plus it’s own mixer.
A Vocoder and a merger is already there to add further experiments in Electro surgery.
That’s before even any other effects have been added. So it begins to take some life and spreads across the visual sound stage in my head.
Once it starts that, it’s usable, and the drums are my own, designed from scratch.
Still not hit that feeling of The One bassline, but that’s always a search the Hunter has to be patient for.
However many days, weeks, months it takes, you wait for that shot and you don’t take a lesser kill….

More later….