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Back On The Parkour Speed Vaults

Parkour Speed Vaults

Got my parkour speed vaults back nice and quick, so long as you keep the hips high, there’s no danger of ever clipping.
Done these enough times in the past that even if I clip my feet, or my knee, I’m still going over, and still on my feet too.

Just got to watch that sciatica. Took me years to figure out the tighter your hamstrings get, the more they pull on your pelvis.
The pelvis then pulls down, bingo, sciatica or even worse a pinched nerve that over tightens your hamstrings.

Solution : Stretch them out every day, and every session.
Just don’t stretch anything else apart from your calves, achilles.

Stretching causes injury, unless that part is designed to stretch, like the hamstrings.

Especially bin the old quad stretch, that physio classic.
Funny how all my injuries started to heal as soon as I stopped, shoulders too.