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100 Sticks – Precision Parkour Training

100 Precision Jumps – Stick Them All

After seeing Kie WIllis do 100 sticks, way bigger and better than anything I can do,
it inspired me to see how many I could do, on just a small jump.

Started off overshoting loads, surprisingly easy to get to fifty, so just kept on going.
My form got better the closer I got to 100, and my quads did hurt, but it was nowwhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be.

True to form, the 5k run and 100 stair machine steps came straight after this, it’s like a warm down, I can do it no matter how tired I feel.
There’s no race, or attempt to better my time, I run it within what my body can handle, the stairs now are easy, all done switching and twisting from one side to the other.

Discovered this makes my ankles, calves and achilles strong, and gets the joints used to being twisted in different directions.
My calves never ache now, quads do, core does, but the rest of my legs keep on going.

Hope this stands me in good stead for The Rage.


Corrado G60 – The Villain’s Car In the Rage

The Corrado G60

Polished up after a few months of no use, which really screwed it up.
Not the kind of car you can leave idle. I can’t work out if it’s a major design flaw, or age, or both.
Perhaps it’s just this one in particular.

Porsche BBS Rs Rims, Recaro seats, MK3 VR6 2.8 litre turbo charged engine with high lift cams, 300BHP.
That’s almost too much power for a front wheel drive car, but it never feels like a kick, acceleration is always smooth.

What happens to this car after The Rage is done is debateable. Loralie and Cassie then finally ALex will drive it away.
But will I want to keep it, or try and claw back the cash spent on it?

I don’t know , but either way it’s a special car that will enhance The Rage, and make a great villain’s car.
God know’s what I’ll do if someone wants it for a sequel.


First Big Drop – Made It In One Piece

Big Drop – Well At Least For Me It Was

So I’d had a good session, legs feel good, knees feel good.
So I take a look at this drop, for young dudes it would be easy, but for old man parkour, a fresh challenge.

Since I’m going to have to take a few hits, leaps off balconies for The Rage, I gave it a shot.
Always follow my instincts, if the body says no, leave it alone.
Today it said yes , but take it seriously.

The impact was a shock, not rolling forward due to the slope, a mistake.
But I took it with no injuries at all. The roll forward is crucial, even if it’s terrible, just have to dissipate that force.
That force! The conditioning in my legs from 5k runs and 1000’s of steps on the stair machine, saved my butt.

Rest assured I won’t be doing another one unless I can roll forward.
I even went shopping afterwards, I’ve gotten more injuries rolling out of bed, amazing.