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Reversing The Hands Of Time

Reversing the way I work with time has worked.
Being honest about how much time I waste, and I mean waste getting sidetracked or sucked into doing too much all at once.
There are only so many things that can be done in a day, only so many messages sent,
articles read, sites updated, the list could go on.
If only I could cut food and sleep I’d be laughing….
Realizing that I’m dead, on many levels,, without an insane upsurge in track output,
I flipped the whole routine into reverse.
Instead of working on music after looking at websites, articles, myspace, facebook, last f m, I flipped it to the first thing I do.

This has worked in forcing what needs to be done most, back where it should be.
A quality track a week is now a serious prospect, and it also means I’ll be sharp as fuck skills wise, rather than deteriorating through being sucked into other tasks.

To be able to fight with the best I must train like a fighter does.
Feels good and feels like a good decision made, should have made it years ago.
Saving more time by using Last Fm to keep up with and discover music I didn’t know about, you can see the stuff I’m listening too on both Myspace and TheGhostwalk.com
I’m listening to it now as I write, sure you can guess the kind of stuff that’s on there…

So the battle is on, bring it on, even have a new finished track to show for it, ready to send off into battle.
Pretty soon there will be a crack unit of twisted manitou to cover
the Lone soldiers back….

Cogs Interlock Gears are Shifted Down

While halfway across the other side of the
world thing don’t seem to be going right, I feel like cogs are
creaking, wheels moving, locks being unlocked and doors moving.
Maybe there is a little luck moving my way, I don’t know why, but again
there seems to be a wider and bigger picture
that I can’t see yet. Continue reading Cogs Interlock Gears are Shifted Down

The Door of Time Held Open For You

This is one of those times when I really
feel strange things happening, time has stopped, the door has been held
open waiting for me. Not only is it held open , but the creature that
holds it open is beckoning me through with a crooked smile, because
he’s been waiting for me.
What is even more unnerving is why me? Music is as ever the key to it
all, doors are opening for that reason, all roads lead to it, not
matter which route you take.
It can’t be run from, can’t be reasoned or bargained with, it’s going
to drag me down that road because it’s where I was always supposed to