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How To Master The Creative Mind Part 4

You should now know how to find out what holds you back, how to split a daunting task into smaller pieces, and how to reward your creative mind.

It should be on your side and ready to go, and happy to stick to the schedule you want to give it.

When you’re actually making a track, use your creative instinct to tell you what works and what doesn’t. It always knows best, but it speaks in a feeling and very few words.
If it’s too detailed and too quickfire, that’s your conscious mind and you need to ignore it.

Your creative mind is a problem solving powerhouse with pre-cognitive powers, given time it can usually answer just about any problem.

If it feels wrong, then it probably is, so start again or scrap what you’re doing.

How To Master The Creative Mind – Part 1

How to understand what the creative mind is and how it works, defining, and starting to think about how to train and make your creative mind do what you want, when you want.

A definition of what the creative mind is, how it functions and operates, and that once you know this, you can train it and get it to do what you want.

It’s split between conscious and unconscious. Creativity is less in words and more in feeling and emotion, like a whisper, not the chatter of the conscious mind.

Life events can knock it off it’s stride, so be ready for that.
But it can be trained, disciplined, but it also needs rewards and a break so it can be in good enough shape to do what you want when you want.