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Zyntax Motor City Release – No 7

Zyntax Motor City No 7

Wasn’t totally sure about this, so a pleasant surprise that Zyntax Motor City No 7 is me again!
Demons and Dumb Beats and Furious Flames I love to bits, so glad to see them in the real world.

4 extra tracks by evil puppeteer The Ghost That Walks on vinyl.

1) Demons And Dumb Beats
2) Dreaming In Pain
3) Trick Of A Cold Heart
4) Furious Flames

This is all the news I have on it so far, I also got Record Of The Month on Interstellar Sounds for Zyntax Motor City No 6. Not bad at all…..

interstellar sounds


A Thousand Miles Of Night

A Thousand Miles Of Night another interesting addition to the 2nd wave, with Dreaming In Pain set to follow shortly. I nearly forgot, Wake Of The Alpha Wolf makes the fire fuelled three.

I’ve disconnected a lot of sites, people and numbers after gaining great clarity along with upgraded creativity.
No more Facebook, only an artist page, no more Myspace, Linked in, CD Baby, Reverbnation.

Twitter has been cleaned out unless I learn something from the information, Soundcloud has been cleared, no more “follow me” whores. But I will keep it alive as it has proved productive. Youtube remains for now, but I will cut out anything and anyone that wastes my time.

It’s actually quite liberating to see things for what they really are. There is finally some new record label interest in my new cuts too. It will be a while before that comes out, so in the meantime, looking for a home for the remaining tracks.

The Electro is strong in the first wave and evolving in the 2nd. It’s going to leave a big batch for people to choose from.

Still discovering, still learning how to best tap into the new creative underwold city that I now have the key to. I don’t think I will ever run out of places to explore there…..some days it looks like a brand new cityscape, others like an ancient city a thousand years old, always changing and growing as I walk past every street.

The Ghost That Walks
The Ghost Walks With You…