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The Missiles Are Flying – Electro – “Urban Jungle”

This one just made me think of an urban landscape.
That kind of desolate city has always
appealed to me anyway. Not sure why that is
but every street looks beautiful to my eyes.

I can walk down the same street a 1000 times,
and never be bored of it, no matter
no matter how tired or dirty it may look
to other people, my eyes will drink in
every detail, colour, shape and texture.

The missiles are truly flying right now,
due to land this week across the globe.
21 demos, I’m not sure how I feel about it,
what will happen, if anything at all.
I have to steel myself for no reaction at all.

Just got to prepare and see what happens.
No matter what I’ll still be doing 1 track each week.
My skills are improving each week and getting faster.
It’s still a little scary that I could make a real turkey 1 week,
but after 9 weeks i don’t think it’s going to happen.

I’m surprised myself what’s coming out,
and the reaction on Last Fm is pretty good too,
I’m working hard 24/7 on pushing there, since yet again
my web stats record was broken again.It’s not much for some,
but it’s ok for me so far, just got to improve it constantly.

Enjoy Urban Jungle and see you next time…