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The Mystery of Synthetic Sound

Some people can make an album in 24/48 hours, they can make a sound in
5 seconds,
know exactly what they want and how to get to it. This amazes me but
it’s just not how I can work.
I have learnt how to conjure sounds, about the waves, filters,
envelopes, this helps, but for me it is all different, I don’t how it
is for the rest of you out there.
Since I’ve got this overwhelming feeling that I must make a lot of new
evil electro soon, I’m starting the alchemy that is sound design again.
The “feeling” part is the but that drives it again.
I have a feeling to make some more in my bones, it’s important but I
don’t know why.
But I’ve learned to my cost about ignoring those feelings, since
they’re always Ghost led.

Even though I do write a scenario, a story with characters for many
tunes, my musical ideas are always a complete blank.
I have no ideas in my head, nothing, no sounds, no concept, zero. This
is scary.
It makes you feel like on your next tune you can’t do it anymore.

So to sounds, I have to search for the sounds, then my feelings (The
Ghost, will put down his Necronomicon and say ” Yeah, THAT’S the one,
bin the rest”) will tell me what to use. The sounds dictate what gets
conjured, they lead the way, not me.
Maybe it’s just me, but anytime I “forget” or “ignore” the feeling and
just produce, the magic vanishes…
So I don’t know about you, but for me this is wizardry, alchemy,
occultism rolled into one.

All powered by the volcanic uncontrolled energy of the evil blue
skinned one himself. That’s the music maker and dark maker who lives in
my head, The Ghost That Walks….

The Running Man

Suddenly I’m up and out running again, surreal, blurred at the edges, but floating along by the sea again.
Just like back in the previous incarnation of life by the storm front seas of Folkestone.
The waves don’t try to drag you into their murky depths here if you stray too close,
but despite being still and calm, you always feel that something dangerous lurks beneath.
Maybe it’s the Manitou, manifestation or the ugliness of the Snake pit of Shekou that gave birth to it.

I feel better for it and yes the Electro continues, despite fatigue, the sands of time and the wheels of fate.
But the Wheels of Fate are always turning me back to the darkness, back to the shadows of electro and now orchestral for film.

Coming soon to your town…

Stay strong…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks