Buy Limited Vinyl from Juno, Clone or Interstellar Sounds – Zyntax Motorcity No 6 & 7

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Here you’ll find links where you can buy vinyl and Mp3 downloads for any electro currently out there.

Coming soon a four track stormer from the cult veteran who isn’t dead yet and never really retired..
This is one of the best yet.

Back To The Basement EP on French label, New Flesh.
Limited Vinyl run and Digital release.

Feed the Music so it can Feed YOU…

Full Ghost level supernatural quality Flac files are on Bandcamp for the Bass Agenda and Zyntax motor City releases.

This track is about as close to the essence of The Ghost That Walks that there is, I hung onto it for years, and only gave it away for a good cause. An awesome track after all these years.

1. Day Of The Freaks
2. Escape the Curse
3. Crow Walker
4. Autoplasm

1. Demons & Dumb Beats
2. Dreaming In Pain
3. Trick Of A Cold Heart
4. Furious Flames

Vinyl from Clone
Vinyl from Interstellar Sounds

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Invader Of The Grid

Zyntax 7

Zyntax 6

And looks like a rare vinyl classic for Satamile O43 on

Film and Dark Electronic Music

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